I like when things take good direction

I like to keep pace with online technologies

Good graphics is the base for successful web page

MichalPater.Com - Online marketing for small businesses

I will create your web page, provide quality SEO optimization, and set your online marketing going.

Web page creation

A web page must attract and visually capture a client´s attention in the very first seconds.

Online marketing

SEO optimization and client service will provide you with a high conversion ratio.

Online graphics

Interesting graphics is a basis for successful online communication.

E-shop operation

Success of an internet shop depends on regular care of online marketing.
I take a client´s order as an individual project with clear business intent. I approach each project individually and pay maximum attention to it. Do you need to design and create online marketing for your project? Do not hesitate to contact me.

About me

Online marketing is a field which I am interested in for its rapid development and constant changes. It offers me an opportunity to make progress and take action at all times. I specialise in web design, analysis and implementation of web presentations and complex online marketing. I have also devoted myself for years to implementation of my own projects – I operate an internet shop with an outlet store and I let a suite in a spa locality.
In my private life I like travelling, getting to know new people and areas. I connect joy of travelling with photography as a photo composition and web page design are of the same principle. Both can catch your attention and tell their story.